Easy Move Mini Storage Contract Summary

PAGE ONE (explains the general terms)

(See pages 2-6 of the contract below)

Easy Move Min Storage
1600 W Eagles parkway, Grain valley, Mo 64029

Unit #                                  Monthly Rent $                           Gate Access #      

Name ___________________   Address __________________________ Phone # ______________________
Email address: __________________ by providing my Email address I acknowledge that I agree to receive all communications via Email.


In the event of emergency, I authorize my lock to be cut and access granted to ___________________


I ___am, ___am not in active military. ID#_________________________ Branch ____________________
Commanding Officer ____________________ Phone _____________ Email Address ______________________


1. Summary Page - This is a condensed version of the rental agreement. It does not alter the following terms.

2. Rent - Rent is due on the first (1st) of each month. Reminders and notices of due date, receipts, late fees, or lien enforcement fees will be sent to the email address provided. We do not send statements/receipts by mail. If no email address is provided, default / lien notices will be sent by mail. Changes in email/postal address or phone numbers are to be provided in writing to Easy Move Mini Storage within 10 days of the change.

3. Payment Options - we offer these options in addition to check or cash payments:
---  Auto-Pay - We can automatically process credit cards. Just let us know if you would like this service.
---  Credit card payments can be made by phone 24/7. We prefer after 8 a.m. and before 9 p.m..
---  Online payment can be made at www.EasyMoveMS.com.

4. Access and Customer Service - Contact the office to get a temporary code for movers or moving help.
---  Gate hours 24 hours a day, every day.
---  Office hours are 9-5 M-F and 9-2 Sat. We answer the phone 24/7 if you need help.

5. Ending Rental Agreement - Rent is month to month and automatically renewed until the following are complete
---  15 day written notice of move out is to be given before the first of the month.
---  The final month's rent is not prorated
---  If your unit is not vacant on the first (1st) day of the month, a full month's rent is due.
---  Upon leaving, the storage unit must be emptied, broom swept, in good condition, and ready to re-rent with all locks removed. ASK THE MANAGER FOR A WALK THRU INSPECTION.

6. Insurance and Security Measures -
---  Easy Move Mini Storage does not insure any of your stored items. Insurance may be purchased at SafeStor.com, or a company of your choosing.
---  Security of stored items is fully the tenants responsibility. Always lock your unit.

7. Nonpayment of rent - This may result in the contents of the unit being auctioned / sold for unpaid rent and fees (see items 4, 5, and 11 on following pages).  Before an auction takes place, you will receive an email notification using your email address. If you do not have an email address, notification will be mailed to your last known address.

8. Fee Schedule - $15 one time Administration fee --- 20% late rent fee --- $25 lock cutting fee
$50 plus labor cleaning fee --- $50 lien enforcement fee --- $30 bad check fee --- $50 auction fee

9. Liens / third party ownership - [ ] I verify that all of the items stored in this unit are mine. [ ] I verify that some property stored in the unit are subject to a lien or owned by a third party. I am listing the name and contact information for each lien holder or owner and the items belonging to them on the back of this page.

10 Additional Contract Terms - There are five (5) additional pages of this contract. I have received a copy of these pages and agree to the terms therein.

______________________________________ ______________
Tenant Signature Date

revised: 4/18/2017


Pages 2-6 of the contract



This Rental Agreement is made on ___________________________ by and between Easy Move Mini Storage. Inc. and __________________ "Occupant" as follows:

A The Occupant's rental agreement information shall be as follows:
Occupant's Name _______________  Email Address _____________
Occupant's Address ______________________________________
Occupant's Telephone Number ________________ Cell Phone Number_______________
Occupant's driver's license number _______________ State ____

Occupant __ IS or __ IS NOT active military __IS or __ IS NOT Reserve status
Military ID number _____________________ Branch __________
Commanding Officer_____________________ Phone #______________ Email_____________________

Alternate Name _______________ Alternate phone number ___________________
Alternate address ___________________________________________________

In case of emergency or if occupant cannot be reached, Occupant authorizes Operator to contact the following individuals: ________________  for assistance in contacting you.

B This rental agreement shall cover enclosed unit/parking space Number ______, the approximate dimensions of which are __________, located at 1600 SW Eagles Parkway, Grain Valley, Missouri 64029.

C The following charges and fees shall apply to the lease of the unit

---  Monthly Rent: $ ____

---  Admin Fee     $15

---  Monthly Late fees     20%of the monthly rent

---  Bad Check Fee     $30

---  Lien enforcement fee     $50

---  Lock removal fee     $25

---  Auction fee     $50

---  Cleaning fee     $50 plus labor

Other fees and charges may apply. See following paragraphs 3, 4, 11, 13, and 14.

The Operator and Occupant further agree as follows:

1. LEASE AND MODIFICATION. Operator agrees to lease to Occupant and Occupant agrees to lease from
Operator, the Unit mentioned above, this rental agreement creates no bailment and Operator is not a warehouseman. The exclusive care, custody and control of all personal property stored in the Unit remains vested in the Occupant at all times.
This rental agreement may be modified at any time. Occupant will be notified by email or in writing about any changes. The revised contract can be viewed at www.EasyMoveMS.com/Contract. Changes become enforceable 30 days after posting to the website.

2. OCCUPANT TO SECURE PROPERTY. Occupant agrees to secure the Unit with a lock or locks of the Occupant's choosing, or if the Unit is a parking space for a vehicle, to lock or secure such vehicle as Occupant sees fit. Occupant is solely responsible for others accessing Occupant's Unit or property stored in the Unit. Operator has no duty to restrict, limit or screen those who access the unit

3. RENT; TERM; FEES AND CHARGES. Occupant's right to store property in the Unit shall begin on the date listed above ("Move-In Day") and continue through the end of this month. Occupant agrees to pay at the signing of this Rental Agreement for the initial term a portion of the Monthly Rent prorated for the number of days remaining in the first calendar month. In addition, Occupant agrees to pay $15 as a One Time Administration Fee.

The term of this Rental Agreement shall continue on a month-to-month basis from the first day of each month until the last day of the month unless terminated as provided herein.

Rent is due on First Day of the Month without demand or invoice. Occupant also agrees to pay a Monthly Late Charge if not paid by closing of the office at 5 p.m. on the 5th of the month.

No refunds of Monthly Rent will be made for any reason. Monthly Late Charges and Administration fees are non-refundable.

4. OPERATOR'S LIEN. The Missouri Self Storage Facilities Act, RSMo 415.415.1("Act"), grants Operator a lien on all personal property stored in the Occupant's Unit for rent, labor, or other charges, and for expenses reasonably incurred in the sale of such personal property. The property stored in the Occupant's Unit may be sold to satisfy such lien If the Occupant is in default. Any proceeds from the sale of the property which remain after satisfaction of the lien will be paid to the State Treasurer if unclaimed by the Occupant within One year after the sale of the property.

The Operator's lien shall have priority over all other liens except those liens that have been perfected and recorded on personal property. The proceeds of any sale made shall be applied to satisfy the lien, with any surplus being held for delivery on demand to the Occupant or any other lien holders which the Operator knows of or which are identified by the Occupant as provided in paragraph 4 below. If the Operator complies with the provisions of the Act, the Operator's liability to the Occupant shall be limited to the net proceeds received from the sale of the personal property, and to other lien holders shall be limited to the net proceeds received from the sale of any personal property covered by the other liens.

5. DEFAULT. "Default" as used herein shall mean Occupant's failure to perform on time any obligation or duties set forth in this Rental Agreement, or participation in any restricted activity listed in paragraph 8. If Occupant is in default, Operator may pursue any remedies available under this Rental Agreement or available at law. In the event of default, Occupant may be denied access to the Unit, or if Unit is a space for parking a vehicle, Operator may take steps to prevent removal of the vehicle. Operator's exercise of any one remedy shall not constitute a waiver of any other available remedies for default.

Occupant represents to Operator that none of the property stored in the Unit is subject to the lien of any third party, except as listed on the back of the summary page. If any property stored in the Unit is or becomes subject to the lien of any third party, Occupant agrees to notify Operator immediately in writing of the property subject to the lien and the lien holder's identity and address.

7. LIMITS ON USE. Occupant will use the Unit only to store Occupant's personal property. Occupant will not: conduct any business in or at the Unit or facility; allow any animal or human to live in the Unit; engage in any activities in the Unit or at the Facility that, in Operator's sole discretion, pose an unreasonable risk of harm to person or property; make or create any waste or nuisance; or interfere with the use of the Facility by others. Occupant will not store, generate, use or dispose of in the Unit or at the Facility any Hazardous Substance (which, as used herein, shall mean any substance which is toxic, ignitable, reactive, or corrosive and which is or becomes regulated by any local government, the State of Missouri, or the United States government; all material or substances defined as "hazardous waste," "extremely hazardous waste," or a "hazardous substance," pursuant to any applicable law; as well as. but not limited to, asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, and petroleum), nor shall occupant store any perishable goods, carcasses, materials causing foul odors, flammable or corrosive materials, explosives, ammunition or other inherently dangerous material in the Unit or at the Facility.
Occupant shall comply at all times with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and ordinances concerning the Unit and its use. Occupant shall neither use the Unit or Facility for the commission of any crime, nor store in the Unit nor bring to the Facility any property which is unlawful for Occupant to use, possess or store.

8. LIMIT ON VALUE. Without Operator's written permission, Occupant agrees not to store property that has an aggregate value above $5,000 or that may cause consequential damages or emotional distress to Occupant or others if it were missing, stolen, sold or damaged. The aggregate value of all property stored in the unit shall not be deemed to exceed $5,000 for any purpose, but may be worth less. Occupant agrees that the Unit is not appropriate for the storage of objects which have sentimental value to the Occupant or others, including but limited to keepsakes, souvenirs, heirlooms, and collector's items; one-of-a-kind or unique property, including but not limited to books, records, writings, and works of art; and records relating to items stored in the Unit or their value. Occupant further agrees that the value of any such items that Occupant chooses to store in the Unit shall be limited to the salvage value of the item's raw materials.

9. INSURANCE: ASSUMPTION OF RISKS. Occupant shall be responsible for providing insurance, if any, for property stored in Occupant's Unit. Operator does not provide casualty or any other insurance covering Occupant's property. Unless insured, Occupant assumes all risk of loss to property stored in the Unit, including but not limited to damage or loss by unexplained disappearance; burglary; theft; explosion; fire; smoke; water; moisture; mold; mildew; exposure to elements; temperature variation; vandalism; vermin; pests; the negligent acts or omissions of Operator and Operator's Agents for insured or insurable claims of Occupant, and Occupant waives insurance subrogation against Operator's insurers, if any, for all claims covered by Occupant's insurance. This paragraph is subject to any limitations on its terms imposed by law.

10. RELEASE; INDEMNITY; LIMITATION OF OPERATOR'S LlABILITY. Occupant releases Operator and' Operator's Agents from any and all liability for loss, damage, or injury of or to property or persons in the Unit or at the Facility from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to the negligent acts or omissions of the Operator and Operator's Agents and the Risks. Occupant will indemnify and hold Operator and Operator's Agents harmless from all claims, damages, government fines, lawsuits, and the costs and expense of defending the foregoing which relate to or arise from the Occupant's use or misuse of the Unit or Facility, including but not limited to the negligent acts or omissions of Occupant, Occupant's agents, or any person in the Unit or at the Facility at the request or invitation of Occupant ("Occupant's Guest") or Occupant's breach of any terms of this Rental Agreement. Occupant agrees that Operator's or Operator's agents liability to Occupant for all claims and purposes is limited to the maximum of $5,000 in the aggregate. This paragraph is subject to any limitation on its terms imposed by law.

11. ADDITIONAL FEES. Administration Fee $15. Occupant shall be responsible for all reasonable rent collection and lien enforcement expenses:
--- Monthly Late fees of 20% --- Bad Check Fee $30
--- Lien enforcement fee $50 --- Lock removal fee $25
--- Auction fee $50 --- Cleaning fee $50 plus labor

12. TERMINATION AND HOLDOVER. Upon fifteen (15) days written notice before normal due date to Operator, Occupant may terminate this Rental Agreement at any time. Upon giving at least fifteen (15) days written notice to the Occupant before the end of any monthly term, Operator may terminate this Rental Agreement at the end of such term. If Occupant is in default, Operator may terminate this rental agreement upon at least three (3) days written notice to Occupant. Upon termination of the rental agreement, Occupant must vacate the premises immediately. Occupant may not holdover. If Occupant holds over for any other reason, fails to remove Occupant's property from the Unit upon termination of the Rental Agreement, Operator may, in Operator's sole discretion and without notice, treat Occupant as a tenant as sufferance, in which case all right and obligations contained in this Rental Agreement shall continue, including but not limited to payment of Monthly Rent, Monthly Late Charges and all other fees and charges that apply, or Operator may treat Occupant as a trespasser and pursue all available remedies for such trespass.

13. MOVE OUT DUTIES. At the end of any rental term or upon termination of the Rental Agreement, Occupant must remove all of Occupant's locks from the Unit; remove all contents and trash from the Unit and Facility; and leave the Unit in the same condition as when occupant rented the Unit, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Occupant agrees to pay on demand the reasonable costs of repairing any damage to the Unit cause by Occupant, including but not limited to the costs of removing and remediating the effects of Hazardous Substances, and the reasonable costs of any cleaning or rubbish disposal required by Occupant's failure to comply with this provision. On the day of move out, Occupant must notify Operator that Occupant has moved out of the Unit so that Operator may inspect and approve the unit as ready for rental. Failure to notify AND remove customer's lock will result in continued rental charges.

14. ABANDONMENT. Occupant will be deemed to have "abandoned" the Unit if:
(a) Either Occupant or Operator has given notice of termination as of a specific exact date
(b) With or Without notice if Occupant's lock has been removed from the Unit (if enclosed) by someone other than the Operator and the Unit contains nothing of value to the ordinary person in Operator's sole discretion.
(c) The termination date has passed.

When a Unit has been abandoned as defined above, Occupant waives all right to possess the Unit and its contents, and Operator may remove and dispose of all contents remaining in the Unit. Upon abandonment, this Rental Agreement shall terminate immediately if not previously terminated. In accordance with Missouri law, any vehicle, boat, trailer or any other conveyance store inside a unit or on outside parking areas that is delinquent for 60 days or more is subject to removal by a towing service. Towing charges and storage fees shall be occupants sole responsibility.

15. DAMAGED PREMISES. In case of damage by fire or other casualty which causes the Facility to be unfit for use, Operator shall have the option of either repairing the damage or terminating this Rental Agreement upon three (3) days written notice to Occupant. If Operator decides to repair the Facility, it shall be done as expeditiously as possible after having notified Occupant of the decision to do so. If the sole opinion of Operator, the Unit has been rendered un-tenantable by the fire or other casualty, then Occupant's obligation to pay rent shall be abate during the period of the repair and restoration of the damaged premises; provided, however, that Occupant shall be liable for damage to the Unit of the Facility caused by fire or other casualty or event due to Occupant's willful or negligent acts and in such event Occupant's obligation to pay rent shall not abate during the period of repair or restoration of the Unit or the Facility.

16. OPERATOR'S RIGHT OF ENTRY - EMERGENCY AND LIEN ENFORCEMENT. Operator or Operator's Agent may cut Occupant's lock and enter the Unit if Occupant is in default, in an emergency situation, or upon three (3) day's written or emailed notice to Occupant. Operator or Operator's Agents may enter to inspect the Unit and its contents, to make necessary repairs or alterations, to protect the Unit or Facility, insure compliance with applicable laws, and to exercise or enforce Operator's rights. Entrance for cataloging and photographing the contents is allowed three (3) days after the lien enforcement letter has been sent.

17. SEARCH WARRANTS AND LEGAL PROCESS. Other provisions of this rental agreement notwithstanding, upon presentation of a search warrant or other judicial or administrative process or order by a governmental authority, Operator may identify or open the Unit or allow such governmental authority to open the Unit, and such governmental authority may lock the Unit. Operator also may lock the Unit. but has no obligation to do so.

18. NO LOCK. If Occupant's Unit is unlocked at any time during the term of the Rental Agreement, Operator has the right. but not the obligation, to lock the Unit. If Operator chooses to lock Occupant's Unit, such action shall not constitute a conversion of Occupant's property or a denial of access to Occupant's property.

19. PARTIAL PAYMENTS. Operator is not required to accept partial payments. If Operator does accept a partial payment, that partial payment does not relieve Occupant of his/her obligations or prevent Operator from exercising its rights upon default, including pursuing a lien sale. At Operator's option and without notice, Operator may apply money received to delinquencies before current obligations and to non-rent obligations before rent, regardless of any notations on checks or money orders.

20. BANKRUPTCY. In the event that the Occupant files a voluntary petition in bankruptcy, suffers a petition in involuntary bankruptcy to be filed against Occupant, makes an assignment for benefit of Occupant's creditors, is placed in receivership, or is the subject of any other type of legal action wherein the right to use or occupy the Unit is in issue, then at the option of Operator, this Rental Agreement shall terminate and Occupant shall thereafter have no right, title or interest in or to the Unit. ANY HOLDOVER OF THE UNIT AFTER THE BANKRUPTCY FILING DATE SHALL INCUR RENTAL CHARGES AND ARE NOT COVERED BY THE BANKRUPTCY PROCEDINGS AND THE CONTENTS OF THE UNIT ARE SECURITY FOR THOSE NEW CHARGES.

21. CHANGE OF CONTACT INFORMATION; NOTICES. Occupant shall provide written notice of any change in the Contact information within ten (10) days of such change. The parties agree that a return address on an envelope or an address or telephone number on a check shall not be sufficient notice of a change of any part of the Occupant's Contact Information. Unless otherwise provided by law or this rental Agreement, all notices or demands that are permitted or required under the Rental Agreement may be emailed, hand-delivered or posted by U.S. Mail, first class postage prepaid, and addressed to the party at the address provided for in the contact information above or any notice of change. Such notices will be deemed delivered upon emailing, mailing or upon delivery to Occupant, if hand-delivered.

22. APPLICABLE LAW. This Rental Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Missouri, exclusive of any choice of law provisions.


24. NO ALTERATIONS. Occupant shall not make any alterations or improvements to the Unit or Facility, or permit any other person to make any such alterations or improvements, without the prior written approval of the Operator.

25. NO SUBLETTING OR ASSIGNMENT. Occupant may not sublet or assign this Rental Agreement to any other person or entity without the prior written approval of the Operator.

26. ATTORNEY'S FEE; WAIVER OF JURY TRIAL. Occupant agrees to dispute-resolution through mediation process. If Operator engages an attorney to enforce the terms of this Rental Agreement or to terminate Occupant's possession of the Unit by rent. and possession action, unlawful detainer action, or similar action, Occupant agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees incurred by the Operator. In the event of any lawsuit arising from or in conjunction with this Rental Agreement or the use or possession of the Unit or Facility, Occupant waives his/her right to a jury trial.

27. BINDING NATURE OF AGREEMENT. This Rental Agreement shall apply to and be binding upon the respective heirs, successors, assigns, and personal representatives of Operator and Occupant.

28. INVALIDITY. If any provision of this Rental Agreement is deemed invalid by law, the invalidity in that provision shall be construed as narrowly as possible and the valid portions of such provision and the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in effect.

29. AMENDMENTS. Operator may change the terms of the Rental Agreement, including but not limited to the Monthly Rent, Monthly Late Charges, or any other fees or charges, by providing written notice to the Occupant at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the change. The Rental Agreement, as revised, will automatically continue thereafter on a month-to-month basis until terminated as proved herein, and such revised Rental Agreement will not required Occupant's signature to become effective. Otherwise, this agreement may only be amended in a writing signed by both parties, unless otherwise provided herein.

30. NO WARRANTIES; "AS IS". Operator makes no express warranties. Operator disclaims and Occupant waives all implied warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to the fullest extent permitted by law. Occupant acknowledges that Operator's Agents have no authority to make warranties, express or implied. Occupant inspected or had the right to inspect the Unit and Facility before signing this Rental agreement. Occupant finds the Unit and Facility suitable for Occupant's use and accepts the same "as is," including but not limited to existing entrance and exit controls, climate controls, lighting, video cameras, doors, latches, and fence gates ("Controls"), or lacking of anyone or more Controls. Operator does not promise, or have a duty to provide for, the safety or security of persons or property in the Unit or Facility under any circumstances including but not limited to by maintaining continuous and uninterrupted operation of the Controls. Occupant acknowledges that Controls, if any, may not be monitored or operational at any given time, and Occupant is not relying upon the presence of Controls in entering into this Rental Agreement. Instead, Occupant is relying solely on Occupant's inspections, subject to the provisions of the Rental Agreement. and nothing else.

31. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Rental Agreement, including the additional provisions set forth in paragraph 4, if any, constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements with respect thereto. There are no other representations, warranties or agreements by or between the parties.

Revised: 4/18/2017