AA Customers

AA Customers

Welcome to Easy Move Mini Storage

On April 12th. Easy Move Mini Storage purchased AA Storage.  The office, address and phone are the same.  Your account is exactly the same.

We need:

  • Give us your email address  if we do not already have it.
  • Make check payments to "EMMS".  You can write the long version of "Easy Move Mini Storage" but the bank does not need it.
  • Give us you phone number and address if anything has changed.


What changes:


  • Your account is with us.  All current, late and prepaid rent plus security deposits remain with Easy Move.
  • Chris and Len will be your new managers.  Sharon has moved to the other facility owned by the previous owner of AA.  It is closer to her house and she felt it was a good move for her.
  • Office hours are 9-5  Mon-Fri and 9-2 Sat.
  • After office hours, we answer the phone 24/7.  We are nicer if it is after 8 a.m or before 9 p.m.  Feel free to call if it is an emergency.
  • We use email to send receipts and notifications.  You will no longer get invoices, deposits, and reminders by mail.  If you feel you need to be contacted by mail, let us know.

Payment - Gate - Fees

  • We no longer charge a $2.50 processing fee for credit cards
  • You can now pay online at this site.
  • Gate access is now 24/7.
  • Fees -
    • Late Fee  20% of rent if not paid by 5 p.pm on the 5th
    • Bad Check  $30
    • Lock Cutting  $25
    • Cleaning  $50 plus labor
    • Lien Enforcement  $50
    • Auction  $50


You can see the new contract by clicking below.  As per your existing contract, these terms will be in force within 10 days of this notice.  If these terms are not satisfactory, let us know when you will be moving.  Anyone not moving by June  30th will be under the terms of this new contract.

Easy Move Mini Storage Contract Summary