How to Compare Self Storage Facilities in Grain Valley & Blue Springs

If you call around, you will notice that all facilities in this area have fences, gates, lights and cameras.  They also have similar sizes, office hours, and to a degree, rates.  Oh yes, don't forget the "wonderful customer service" and "competitive prices" that only they offer.

Does that mean that every facility offers the same thing?  Not really.  There are several significant differences.  Here is a list of questions to ask so you can see what each facility is really offering.  The answers you get can be very interesting.

Here's 7 revealing questions to ask   ---   and our answers

  • How much does your storage unit cost?   ---  Less than most and comparable to others with lower rates
  • How soon will you raise my rent?    ---   We guarantee no rent increase for two years.
  • Do I have to buy locks or insurance when I rent?     ---    No.  We give you a free lock.  You decide on insurance.
  • Can I get my items anytime I want, day or night?   ---    Sure.  We don't lock you out at night.
  • Do you have a move-in bonus?   ---   A free one day truck rental and high security lock.  (Ask for details) 
  • If I were 30 days late, what would my penalties be?   ---   $9 to $26 depending upon size.
  • What extras do you do to increase security?   ---   A free high security lock and instructions on how to lower theft losses

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