7 Important Questions To Ask When Choosing A Self Storage Facility

Asking the right questions before you move in can save a lot of headache and expenses that storage facilites don't tell you about.  

Avoid surprises.  Ask these 7 revealing questions.   (Here is Easy Move's answers)

  • How much does your storage unit cost?   (A LOT LESS than Storage Mart and comparable to others with lower rates.)
  • How long before your raise your prices?   (At least a year.  We make it a habit of charging current tenants LESS than new customers.  Long term renters save even more.)
  • Do I have to buy locks or insurance when I rent?   (No.  We give you a free lock.  You decide on insurance.)  
  • Can I get my items anytime I want, day or night?   (Sure.  We don't lock you out at night. Plus we answer the phone 24/7.  If you need help, we are always there.)
  • Do you have a move-in bonus?  (A free one day truck rental and high security lock.  Ask for details.) 
  • If I were 30 days late, what would my penalties be?   (As little as $7, depending upon size.)
  • What extras do you do to increase security?  (A free high security lock, daily unit inspections and instructions on how to lower theft losses)

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